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Use our beans for your coffee shop or office

We help elevate coffee moments

Because we know and love good coffee, we want others to enjoy it, too. The three pillars of making a good coffee, at home, at work or in a coffee shop are good quality beans, the right equipment and solid training. We can help with all three, getting you set for success.

Partnering with us is simple, flexible and personable.


Single origin beans


Focus on filter


Training and consultation

We like to taste the unique characteristics of seasonal coffee,  and that's why we choose to roast single origin beans only. We source speciality grade green beans, typically ranked 85+. We look for personality in the beans; bright characteristics, sweet cup and good body, which we roast medium light to preserve the nice acidity and innate floral or fruity notes within the beans. 

Aside from great espresso, we put a lot of time and effort into creating excellent filter beans. With the right equipment and recipe, office staff or baristas are able to make an excellent filter to savour in the mornings or afternoons. 

From choosing the right equipment and coffee beans, to set-up, tasting and staff training, we ensure office managers and/or baristas have the 'ongoing' knowledge andtraining they need to produce great coffee,every time. We can also coordinate serviceand maintenance for machines, as needed.


Engagement and education

When we supply beans to a business or office, we also invest in building closer relationships with staff, be that baristas or office workers. Educating people about our coffee and what makes a good cup, is as important to us as supplying the beans. Examples include discount offers at our coffeeshop for local office workers, priority placements on gramos coffee events, tasting events at your office, and barista visits to the roastery or coffee shop for training or interest.


Bespoke offer

All businesses have different needs, and our approach is to fully understand a business objective in order to create proposals and pricing plans that make sense and deliver what's wanted. 

If you're interested in partnering with us, would like to learn more about gramos, roasting or speciality coffee, or just want to say hi, then get in touch,

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