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Our story

What we're about

We enjoy impressing our customers with things that look good and taste great. We believe good taste is universal, and our ambition is to help more and more people experience and understand the benefits of specialty coffee.

What is 'gramos'?

Gramos means 'grams' in Spanish (our director, Rodolfo, is from Bolivia). Our name speaks to how we approach our work; we are meticulous, we appreciate precision, we pay attention to detail, we care about getting it right.​ 

How did we get here?

We set up our first coffee bar in 2016, and have been located in several spots around London. In March 2020, we had to close our doors to keep our customers safe from COVID-19. We took the time instead to set-up our roastary and start finding new ways of bringing those hidden flavours within coffee to people's lives.

In January 2022, we were proud and excited to open our first permanent location in King's Cross Underground Station, this times making coffee from our own roasted beans. 

See where we've been before

Where it all began

In September 2016 we tested the water with our own coffee shop. At first we thought - does the world really need another coffee shop? Apparently yes, because despite the number of coffee shops around, there's still only a handful that truly care about the coffee.

For three months, we set up inside the O2 Centre, North West London. It was enough time to tell us that people really appreciated the care and precision we took to over each espresso shot, and that there was room for a friendly and passionate barista keen to share his knowledge.

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