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Doing the right thing
Our efforts to be sustainable

When we set up our business, we wanted to make a positive contribution to the community around us, without contributing to waste.

Making coffee does take a lot of energy, at every step, and there's waste along the way. But where this is waste, there is the potential to reduce, resuse, and recycle. Our approach to sustainability is to build good habits into different parts of our operations and make decisions based on doing the right thing for our planet.

There's more we can do as our business grows, but here's our start;

Compostable cups


All our coffee cups, breakfast pots and wrap boxes are plant-based products and are commercially compostable - meaning they will fully decompose when properly processed. 

Home compostable, and plastic-free, coffee bags

We pack our coffee beans in plastic-free, home-compostable material - meaning you can put this in your compost heap, along with your bean grounds, after you've made your coffee!


Coffee bean refill station


We transport our beans from our roastery to coffee bar in resusable containers and place them straight into our bean dispensers. Customers are invited to buy beans by the gram, and use their own containers to save on packaging.  

Free water, and no extra for alternative milk

There's a filter tap in our coffee bar for customers to refill their water bottles, and we don't charge extra for our oat-milk flat whites! This is our way of supporting other people's sustainability choices and habits.

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 09.18.33.png

We work with like-minded brands

From our KeepCups to our hot chocolate and chai, our cakes and slices, to our packaging and green bean suppliers; we like to partner with people who take sustainability seriously, so that bit by bit, we can create better habits within our exciting coffee culture. 

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