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Meet the family

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The man with the big ideas


Rodolfo started Gramos after realising that there is a scientific approach to speciality coffee. He has worked in hospitality for 15 years, and has a background in maths and engineering. Put these two things together and you get someone who takes a technical approach to creating great experiences for people.

Rodolfo simply likes impressing people with things that look good and taste great. Whether he's making an espresso martini or a bowl of porridge, he strives for perfection and is always thinking about what he can do better next time. 

Born in Bolivia, Rodolfo is keen for UK coffee lovers to experience the best of Central and South American coffee.


La chica barista


Monica is our barista who brings latin flavour to our coffee bar with her energy, passion and raucous laugh. She keeps everything and everyone in order when things get busy and is always a step ahead in what needs doing. 


The woman behind the scenes


Charlotte doesn't get excited by the oxidant levels in a roaster, nor will she be our next barista champion. Instead, she is our accountant, marketer, strategist, social media advisor, photographer and payroll and HR manager. Oh, and she put together this website. 

Old friends

Everyone who has worked with us has played their part in shaping our company and remains part of the Gramos family.

THANK YOU to all our old friends for being part of our journey.

Old friends

Old friends


The entertainer

He came every day with endless energy and dance moves!

Old friends

Old friends


French chique

She brought passion and elegance to our customer service.

Old friends

Old friends


Man with a plan

His passion and taste for coffee inspired us to create gramos labs.

Old friends

Old friends


Mr reliable

His loyalty and good ideas have made us who we are today.

Old friends

Old friends


The artista barista

Her inspiring artwork and creativity will live on at Gramos.

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