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Let's try some coffee beans

Thanks for your interest in trying our coffee beans! We're all about helping people to enjoy a superior cup of coffee - in the office, at home and on their journey. We source speciality grade beans from suppliers who work direct with farmers and pay fair prices for a great product! We then roast them ourselves, releasing the hidden natural flavours they hold.

We currently have espresso beans from Guatemala, and filter beans from Ethiopia,
Colombia & Costa Rica.

Tasting sessions will run for around 30 mins

During our tasting session, we'll explain what flavours you can expect to get from your espresso or filter beans, along with some brewing tips for your preferred brewing method to wow your friends, family or colleagues. There's also a 10% discount on your first order if you choose to buy beans.


Find us @ Gramos Coffee Bar, Northern Ticket Hall, King's Cross Underground Station

(click here for how to find us)

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