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Brewing guide: Aeropress


Quick review

Level of effort

This is a good method to start learning how to brew specialty coffee as it is not that complicated.


Accessories that come with the Aeropress can assist you in case you don’t have a scale to hand.


The cup brewed with this method has good body and texture.

Why we like it

It is portable, really easy to clean and easy to store.

Step by step guide

Brewing time: 1min 45s

You'll need the following equipment...


Aeropress paper filter


Digital scale (optional)


Gooseneck kettle (optional)

Inverted method


Step 1

Measure your coffee

Measure 15 grams of coffee and grind it. We recommend a coarse grind (like caster sugar).


Step 4

First pour

Start your timer. Pour boiling water over the coffee, about double the amount of the coffee, and give it a couple of swirls to soak the grounds.


Step 2

Prepare the Aeropress

Put the paper filter on the cap of the Aeropress and rinse it with boiling water.


Step 5

Second pour

Start pouring boiling water slowly until you reach 240 grams of water (this should take about 25 seconds). Put the Aeropress  cap on tight and invert the Aeropress carefully on top of a server or cup.


Step 3

Add the coffee

Place the Aeropress (inverted) on top of the scale and add some boiling water to pre-heat the vessel, then discard that water. Add the ground coffee and tare the scale.


Step 6

Press the coffee

When the timer hits 1 min 15 secs, start pressing slowly for 30 seconds more. You should hear a hiss when done.

Brewing without a scale

Aeropress 1b.png

Use the scoop

A full scoop is enough for brewing one cup. Grind it.

Aeropress 2b.png

Fill the plunger

Place the plunger along the line (on top of the number 4) to get enough water for one cup.

Aeropress 3b.png

Add the water

Fill the Aeropress with boiling water.


In case you come across these problems, here are some tips...

Resistance when pressing

This might be due to the plunger being tilted to the sides.  Another reason might be the grounds are too fine.


If liquid starts leaking from the sides of the Aeropress cap, then you might be pressing too fast.

Big particles in the brewed cup

This might be due to the paper filter not being placed properly in the centre, or the plunger being pressed too fast.

Coffee grind stuck on the rubber when inverting the Aeropress

Usually, when grounds get stuck on the rubber part of the plunger it means that those grounds were not properly absorbed into the water, therefore reducing the overall extraction. The solution is to swirl the water at the first pour to fully absorb all the grounds. Some baristas even use the help of a spoon or chopsticks.

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