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Meet the family

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Rodolfo started Gramos after realising that there is a scientific art to speciality coffee. He has worked in hospitality for 15 years, and has a background in maths and engineering. Put these two things together and you get someone who takes a technical approach to creating great experiences for people.

Rodolfo simply likes impressing people with things that look good and taste great. Whether he's is making an espresso martini or a bowl of porridge, he strives for perfection and is always thinking about what he can do better next time. 

Born in Bolivia, Rodolfo is keen for UK coffee lovers to experience the best of Central and South American coffee.

The man with the big ideas

Hean is a IT scientist and co-founder of Gramos Labs coffee roasters. Together with Rodolfo, they roast green beans to discover new and complex flavours. 


Hean has a true passion for coffee. He grew up in Malaysia with a style of coffee named Kopi. When he studied in Australia, he indulged in its café culture, and was entranced by the rich flavours. He has since explored coffee culture in many Asian countries, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore.


Hean sees potential in Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese coffee growers, and is enthusiastic about fusing Asian traditions with the 3rd Wave Coffee Culture.


The man with the plan

Monica is our barista who brings latin flavour to our coffee bar with her energy, passion and raucous laugh. She keeps everything and everyone in order when things get busy and is always a step ahead in what needs doing. 

The chica de la barista

Charlotte isn't great at making coffee and she doesn't get excited by the oxidant levels in a roaster. Instead, she is our accountant, marketer, strategist, social media advisor, photographer and payroll and HR manager. Oh, and she put together this website. 

The woman behind the scene
The woman behind the scene

Olivia loves playing with coffee beans. Her current favourite drink is babyccino, which she takes with regular milk, oat or soy. She is Rodolfo and Charlotte's best creation and her daddy has high hopes for her becoming a world renowned barista.

The next barista champion

Old friends

Everyone who has worked with us has played their part in shaping our company and remains part of the Gramos family.

THANK YOU to all our old friends for being part of our journey.

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