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Get a free coffee for your friend

How it works

Order and pay for your coffee now, and pick it up any time after we open our coffee bar in late December 2021. There's no time limit for collecting your drink. You've paid for it, so it's yours whenever you want it.

To make life easy, we've set a flat fee of £2.50 for any pre-order online and for this promotion only. This will apply to the following drinks; espresso, flat white, cappuccino, latte, Americano, filter coffee, hot chocolate, chai latte and matcha.

Once we receive your order*, we'll send you confirmation, along with a voucher for a free coffee that you can send to your friend via email, WhatsApp or text. This will be valid for one time use. So if you want to treat other friends, just buy more coffee for yourself.

* When checking out, select 'Pick up at King's Cross' under shipping options.

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