Tates of white melon, milk chocolate, cherry and brown sugar. Creamy mouthfeel.

Natural process

Medium-light roast


Ideal for V60, Chemex or Kalita.

Filter: White melon, milk chocolate, cherry and brown sugar. Creamy mouthfeel

  • The moment I start tasting this coffee in my cupping table, I said “I must buy this”. The aroma and flavours that it releases are so pleasant. We recommend you brew it as filter to get the most out of it; think of the finest whisky, always best to drink it in its purest form. Also, I always say, if it tastes good for filter, it must taste great in espresso, so espresso machine owners you can go for it too!

    Please,.. please, do not under-extract your brew, because it will be a waste (see our guidance for tips).

    A good filter extraction will likely taste close to this; So many varieties of melons, so we chose the group of white melons to describe this coffee in addition to milk chocolate and cherry, brown sugar to its sweetness and heavy body. Enjoy!