Tastes of cocoa nibs, brown sugar, florals, plums, round, balanced

Fully washed process

Microlot production

Medium roast

Best for brewing as espresso or with Moka pot. 

Espresso: Cocoa nibs, brown sugar, florals, nuts, round, balanced.

  • These beans are excellent as a plain espresso, but will also taste good if you’d like to add milk. Our main advice is try not to under-extract this coffee, otherwise you will find a salt-like and sour taste, which will be clearly noticeable when you taste it as plain espresso. Do not worry if you over-extract the coffee, because these beans are very forgiving in that respect, and even if you do, you will still find a nice acidity to balance the whole drink.

    We recommend a ratio of 1:2 ground coffee vs yield extraction as a starting point, and from there you can start adjusting to your taste. One thing I have noticed with these beans is that you need a much finer grind setting to match your tipical extraction recipe, so please try to grind it finer from the beginning.

    You will get a great drink from this coffee, if you brew it  using a Moka pot.

    If you’re using a filter method, again please try not to under-extract the coffee in the process of brewing because you will be missing those desirable tasty compounds. Use the ratio of your preference, the higher the ratio, the weaker the beverage; 1:15 could a be a good start.

    Drop us line if you need further help. Enjoy!