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Thank you for buying our Guatemala roast.


The coffee from these beans produced by Red de Mujeres (network of women), is excellent as a plain espresso, but will also taste good if you'd like to add milk. 

How to brew these beans

Our main advice is try not to under-extract this coffee, otherwise you will find a salt-like and sour taste, which will be clearly noticeable when you taste it as plain espresso. Over-extraction, if not too much, is not a big deal as the characteristics of this coffee are very forgiving in that respect, and even if you do, you will still find a nice acidity to balance the whole drink because the level of the roast.

We recommend a ratio of 1:2 ground coffee vs yield extraction as a starting point, and from there you can start adjusting to your taste.

You will get a great drink from this coffee, if you brew it using a Moka pot too.

About the farm

About Guatemala

The beans were produced by Red de Mujeres, in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Imported to the UK by Falcon Coffees.

Red de Mujeres translates to ‘network of women’. So as you can imagine, these beans were produced by a large group of female coffee producers, covering five different areas of Huehuetenango, in the north west of Guatemala. In fact, the group is made up of over 800 women from different indigenous backgrounds, many of whom lost their husbands during the civil war and coffee crisis between 2001 and 2004. The coffee is also certified as organic.

1. Guatemala means the land of many trees.

2. Guatemalans invented the first ever chocolate bar.

3. Coffee makes up 90% of Guatemala's exports, and has done since 1880s.

4. Guatemalan coffee is typically full-bodied, with rich chocolate and cocoa flavours.

5. Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Central America.

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Now, over to you...

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