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What we're about

We enjoy impressing our customers with things that look good and taste great. We believe good taste is universal, and our ambition is to help more and more people experience and understand the benefits of specialty coffee.

What is 'gramos'?

Our name means 'grams' in Spanish - and it speaks to how we approach our work. We are meticulous, we appreciate precision, we pay attention to detail, we care about getting it right.​ 

Thoughts, reflections, insights

Why Roast?

Roasting appeals to the engineer in me. Every endeavour should in some way get you excited and motivated simply because it does.

For me, I'm fascinated by the process of transformation. How do we take this inedible seed and turn it into something full of flavour and body that becomes a daily must-have for so many people?

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We take pleasure in seeing a diverse range of people experience the smoother, fuller, finer taste of speciality coffee.

We set up our first coffee bar in 2016, and have been located in several spots around London. In March this year, we had to close our doors to keep our customers safe from COVID-19. We've taken this time instead to start roasting our own beans and to find new ways of bringing those hidden flavours within coffee to people's lives. 

What gets us up in the morning

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