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Brazil Single Origin Coffee

Thank you for buying our BRAZIL roast.


We received a google review recently about these beans, and it went like this...

"The Brazil natural on espresso is dense, fragrant, and blends so nicely with milk, compounding into a cheesecake-like experience."


I'm not sure we could have put it better ourselves!

How to brew these beans

Our Brazil Natural can be brewed as a filter (1:16 ratio, 3 pours), but truly shines as an espresso. When extracted well, you can expect a honeyed acidity balanced with a gentle sweetness that reminds us of baked honeycrisp apples, sticking to the back of your tongue like the last bite of your favourite dark chocolate.


This coffee sincerely surprised us in our Flat Whites, with its fragrance permetuating even through the milk, compounding into a cheesecake-like experience in its mouthfeel. We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we are proud of it.

About the farm

About Brazil

Coming soon

Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer. In fact, it produces a third of the world's coffee.

Most of the coffee plantations are situated in the south eastern part of the country. However, there are 14 major coffee-producing regions across seven states, which means there's a lot of variety that comes from this country. There are 290,000 coffee growers in the country, and the coffee industry provides around 8 million jobs.

Although coffee used to be one of the biggest export in the country, today, its biggest exports are iron, soya bean and crude oil - as well as its football players ;-)


Now, over to you...

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